.A giant leap that will forever change the precision of market research

With EVALUATE, WHY5Research successfully introduces the use of neuroscience into qualitative market research. By combining in depth understanding of consumer psychology and neuroscience, we are able to better understand and confirm the subjective through the objective. We are moving further than ever, grasping what would otherwise go unnoticed and unappreciated. This new research approach is designed to offer you even more reliable and concrete advice.

Check out this clip to get a quick introduction!


Applying EVALUATE in practice

We have successfully used EVALUATE to pre-test communication concepts. Using a “narrative story” we pre-tested a commercial for the funeral insurer, DELA. The insights we identified through the EVALUATE approach generated decisive recommendations that helped to make selections for further execution and improve the effectiveness of their campaign.

Using both Brain Waves Measurement and Qualitative Diagnostic Research, we tackled four executions: “Stubborn Donkey”, “Grandma Fyring Pan”, “Supermarket” and “Doing the Dishes”. Read more …


“Great to discover how Evaluate brings neuroscience down to a concreteand actionable understanding of the way our brains react to a commercial.”
Christiaan van Mansfeld, Deputy Managing Director DDB&Tribal Amsterdam

“I find the combination of conscious and unconscious research an excellent marriage. Classical methods do not become obsolete nor does neuro research become the Holy Grail. Why5research knows how to combine both worlds perfectly, so that they can go hand-in-hand and you get the best insights there are.”
Joost Augusteijn, communication research Rabobank


Evaluate introclip

Here's a short introduction to Evaluate, and how we add value to market research using neuro-diagnostics. Enjoy!


As has been proven over and over again, commercial success is founded on a solid apprehension of how and why people buy what they buy. Without understanding the appeal brands and products have to people, marketers are soon to be lost in the abyss of highly segmented, differentiated and varied markets. Grasping the motivations and…


To truly understand the motivations and aspirations of consumers towards products and services, EVALUATE developed an approach that combines the power of traditional qualitative diagnostic research and neuroscience. An approach that consists of five steps which result in a new and profound comprehension of consumer motivations and market dynamics. In the end we can provide…


In 'AERA', EVALUATE identified four key diagnostic dimensions that are important when evaluating and interpreting brain activity. The AERA diagnostic approach helps marketers make better decisions. EVALUATE's neurodiagnostic research detects and measures brain waves via electrical impulses from the brain, using an EEG. These brain waves are divided into four discernible waves that reflect different kinds…


There are two ways to visualize what goes on in the brain. One is an Electro Encephalogram or EEG, which measures brain activity that takes the form of electric pulses. Only a simple device is needed to measure these electrical pulses in the brain, no more complex and bothersome than a headphone. An EEG can…