As has been proven over and over again, commercial success is founded on a solid apprehension of how and why people buy what they buy. Without understanding the appeal brands and products have to people, marketers are soon to be lost in the abyss of highly segmented, differentiated and varied markets. Grasping the motivations and aspirations of consumers towards certain types of products and services, becomes a greatly important step in the marketing process, making it possible to accurately anticipate consumers’ choices and actions.

Psychological research has made evident that people often do not know the emotional and subconscious roots of their choices and actions. They are perfectly aware of the who, when, what and where of what they do, but often have little grasp on the why of their consumer behavior. Indeed, human motivations are not openly displayed, although they are very much present in our hearts and minds.

With the introduction and integration of neuroscientific techniques, Why5Research is taking an important step forward in understanding these underlying motivations. These new techniques do not, of course, replace the traditional qualitative research methods. Rather, neuroscience amplifies the strengths of a proven and established research methodology. The use of brain wave analysis allows us to expand the worth of our qualitative findings with precise and objective insights.

With this neuroscientific approach, market research has taken a new step forward in understanding consumer behavior. Though classical market research allows us to understand rational and conscious decision making, processes that take place in the neocortex or “new brain”, it leaves much to the imagination. With Why5Research’s diagnostic research approach, consumer understanding is taken one step further by also identifying behavioral and motivational drivers. Drivers that find their origin in the middle of the brain, where emotions are processed and our emotional behavior is determined. With EVALUATE, Why5research introduces neuro-diagnostics, which has the added benefit of enabling insights into the instinctual brain or “reptilian brain”. The brain waves from the Instinctual brain are always objective: they never lie or deceive.

“The key to success,” Madeleine Janssens says, “is in how we intertwine our expertise in qualitative diagnostic research with newly developed expertise in brain wave analysis and the translation of the two into a highly reliable recommendation to clients. So far we have developed a very complete picture of in-depth motivations. When using diagnostic research, we are able to understand motivations: why people do what they do. When using neuroscience, we get an instinctual understanding of consumers’ underlying motivations, which adds an objective assessment to why consumers do what they do. Neuroscience gives us an immediate, direct and unfiltered reaction to marketing stimuli based on consumer instincts. This is very powerful because EVALUATE can now observe and integrate direct and unfiltered information from the brain. This enables EVALUATE to provide very objective and indisputable insights to our clients using a high level of precision.

We are very enthusiastic about what we have achieved with EVALUATE. It is of great benefit to our clients. Our recommendations are highly specific, easy to put into practice, more detailed and have a strong base.”