About US

What’s in a name?
WHY5Research is a specialized diagnostic market research agency that reveals the hidden motivations in people’s choices towards brands, products, services and institutions by asking: why, who, what, where and when? We offer tailor made qualitative and quantitative research: from in-depth understanding of people and their behaviour, to evaluation of ideas and tracking of marketing mix elements.

To make our expertise directly available to our clients we involve them in each project from start to finish. Together we look at your problem, we build hypothesis, we share knowledge and we design the most efficient research process. This is a result of more than 20 years of research and innovation.

By implementing upfront thinking, proven expertise and continuous research innovation we shape your marketing strategy with profound insights and recommendations.

It’s all about people
Consumers are human beings with emotions, intuitions and urges. So to be a successful brand you need to have a meaningful relationship with your consumers. You must understand what drives their choices. What makes them do the things they do. WHY5 identifies, measures and interprets what drives consumers by answering and framing those 5 critical questions: why, who, what, where and when? These insights are essential to develop marketing strategies that really work.

What we offer
Digging for gold can’t be done at the surface. WHY5 offers cutting edge expertise in conducting tailor made qualitative and quantitative diagnostic research. Both offline and online we apply a mix of behavioural and psychological analysis by focussing on three important aspects.

Every consumer is a unique human being. We are strongly convinced there is more to research than analysing people’s behaviour and collecting data. We will tell you the story behind it.

Our knowledge isn’t based on obviousness or inspirational coincidence. It’s a result of thorough analysis of the individual and its context. Together with reliable partners, who all have a passion for precision and knowledge, we offer real added value. We call it: dedicated craftsmanship.

Very often, the choices people make that look quite obvious are driven by a complex combination of different motivations which require deeper understanding. WHY5 helps you to understand how context and motivation shape people’s behaviour, so you can offer truly relevant propositions”

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